Looking for collaboration

2011-07-07 12:01:41 by ProudAardvark

Hey, thanks for checking out my profile.

I'd like to get more involved in connecting with flash and game authors on Newgrounds. If you have a project, or might be starting one, that could use some cinematic music flair, please let me know - I'd be excited to help out.


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2011-07-07 13:47:25

Why not go check out the collaboration forums.

ProudAardvark responds:

I am doing that but figured the profile note couldn't hurt :p


2011-07-13 00:35:08

I'm still working on this project. In fact, Its just starting. It's going to be a series, and you let me use a song. Remember =). I am almost to the point to where I can finally start animationg. As of the day I'm posting, I'm working on lip syncing. Most likely, I will be need more music, so I will keep you in mind. =). I make music also btw =)

I will let you know when it's done by pming ya. Thanks again


2011-08-21 17:29:00

Excellent work you have on here.