Piano Driven Chill Jazz Album

2012-11-14 17:54:40 by ProudAardvark

Hi everyone, as many of you know I'm a jazz/classical composer who got my start writing right here on Newgrounds. I have an album out now on iTunes, and thought some of you might be interested. I'd certainly appreciate your support!

Several of the tracks here got their start on this site (Dirty Martini was my entry to a piano and drum contest a few years back for example). All of them are piano driven in one way or another; but there's some jazz/electronic/classical crossover stuff at work too. At any rate, here's the link: Winter Moods on iTunes.

Would love to hear your comments on it; even if its just an angry rant about how the genre should really be post-industrial-neo-classical-squid-polka or something.

Also, I'm taking requests for my next album. Current ideas are 1) electronic 2) tracks from movies I've worked on over the last few years or 3) a concept album of fantasy/rpg music. You make the call.

Thanks Newgrounds!

Piano Driven Chill Jazz Album


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2012-11-14 18:23:57

3. Definitely go with 3. Fantasy is always the best answer. I will likely check out your stuff when I get some time.

ProudAardvark responds:

Thanks Kydus, am eager to hear what you think. And, that's one vote for Fantasy:D


2012-11-14 20:56:14

4. Something that inspires you and makes you happy.

ProudAardvark responds:

Good thing options 1-3 have that covered :D


2012-11-14 22:08:41

your work is stellar.

ProudAardvark responds:

Thanks Rice!


2012-11-15 01:15:47

I love jazz and I love this album. I'm already 3 songs deep and I'm hooked.

ProudAardvark responds:

Thanks digs, I appreciate the kind words!