Entry #9

Looking for collaborators.

2017-08-25 12:35:44 by ProudAardvark

Looking for collborators on pop/edm/whatever tracks.


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2017-08-25 13:10:58

Meep? May I be of help, meep?
Aren't you the one who scored third on a previous Audio Deathmatch by any chance?

(Updated ) ProudAardvark responds:

/brace for bragging
Actually I won in 2011 <3

You have a great voice; you do lyrics and melody too or do you like reading from something written?

What would be the best way to collaborate? I can send semi-produced tracks and you add words and music? Or start with some lyrics from you? Either way. Let's see what happens!


2017-08-25 13:35:28

I don't mind either; I do write my own lyrics and melodies but if you have something in mind, I don't mind that either. ^_^

I have no idea how we start. Uh... Are you Skypeable by any chance?

As it happens, I was third in 2012, so we have a link to the ADM somewhat. Not the same years mind you, but hey.


2017-08-25 21:44:28

wow everybody left and u are back... :O

ProudAardvark responds:

I missed the memo :(