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Very touching!

Made me feel very sad and nostalgic; thanks for using my song!

DevintheDinosaur responds:

Hey no problem man! 'Summer at the Monastery' was a perfect match,
and was a wonderful song too! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Really really fun.

That was awesome. Looking forward to a sequel. I'd love to see more coolinteractions between the weapon types. For example, the push back + 2 laser beam elevator was a great combo, but I couldn't really see the use of turrets late game. Maybe more special effect type guns?

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o.0 Ok wow. I'm glad I was't competing against you in '11.

The vibe is super fun and energetic; intricate texture and glitch work and a super bright mix all work together really well.

I would suggest bringing down the B section in texture or volume to create more of a contrast from 1:30 to 1:45; just needed a little breather from the relentless happiness.

midimachine responds:

you DID compete against me in 2011! you beat me by .02 in the grand final D:

also: これは良いこと!

Cheers! Fun song - I love stuff in off kilter rhythms. The little quirky broken lyric phrases support that too.

Only comment is that the vocals felt like they were mixed for a hard rock ballad; they are very forward. That's cool if that's what you're going for. People may be expecting more of an alternative kind of vibe given the intro.

FinnMK responds:

That's a really good piece of advice, thank you. Certainly the vocal mix is suited to the last half where things pick up but I now realize I could've made it fit the instruments of the first half better. I'll keep it in mind!

Very nice mix; Tons of ideas going on but woven together well. Good voice leading which covers for some unusual chords.

Spadezer responds:

Thanks, and good to hear. Glad you enjoyed it.

If you're looking for audio for a flash or game, drop me a pm and lets chat.

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